What are people saying about Buenos Dias?

“I like it!“
(Harry aged 4)

“At Brighton & Hove High School we value the contribution made by Buenos Dias to support our language provision. We have been delighted with their fun, professional and progressive approach and our girls really enjoy the Club.“
(Sian Cattaneo, Head of Junior School, Brighton & Hove High School)

“Our classes with Buenos Dias is a real highlight of the nursery week. We have used Buenos Dias for nearly 8 years and have been delighted with the enthusiastic response to learning Spanish from the children. The classes are taught using songs, puppets and props to support the fun classes. Even our youngest love the fun songs and bubbles and join in with clapping and puppets! We have had wonderful feedback from parents about how many new words and sounds their children have picked up. At home my two year old son sings the ‘Hola’ song to me at bedtime.”
(Anita O’Hara, Owner of Pumpkin Patch Nurseries)

“Holly has loved her first term of Spanish Club at Westdene Primary School. Because the club is such fun she doesn’t even realise she is learning a whole new language. I often hear her around the house counting or singing in Spanish and it always makes me smile. Buenos Dias comes highly recommended by both Holly (age 5) and myself (much older!).”
(Emma S)

“The adult Spanish class was a fun and enjoyable experience with great teachers who can make the most timid student feel at ease!”
(L Finn)

“I had to move to Spain to work and therefore suddenly had to learn to speak Spanish and write it properly. Over a period of 18 months, I had weekly one-to-one intensive Spanish tuitions with Buenos Dias. I had amazing teachers who went out of their way to help and assist far beyond what I would have expected of them. I not only learnt the grammar very thoroughly but also learnt to write my CV in Spanish and how to conduct a business meeting and write business letters. Spanish is not a difficult language to learn. The grammar is quite simple compared with French or German and it is a beautiful language“
(Louise K )

“Spanish with Buenos Dias has been a really positive experience for all of our children at Hopscotch. Spanish is taught in a fun and exciting way through puppets, singing, dancing, pretend play and wonderful stories. The lessons change regularly to ensure the children are kept interested and stimulated. The teachers are warm and friendly and can engage groups of children from start to finish when they are rewarded with stamps and stickers.”
(Hopscotch Group Nurseries)

“My 2 year old daughter’s speech & language was fairly slow in both English & Spanish until she attended La Casita. She can now count up to 50 in both languages as well as knowing her alphabet (including vowels), colours, animals and much more! She knows entire songs, verse after verse & speaks full sentences! This has all been within a few months and I know it is thanks to La Casita. She is now kind, affectionate & generous. She also makes up songs at home about all the staff and asks every day if we are going to La Casita. I can hardly tear her away when it’s going home time!“
(K Sheffer)

“We’ve been attending Buenos Dias classes since Eva was 6 months old – she’s now 4 and still loves going. The classes are interactive, fun and friendly; with songs, puppets and stories among the activities used to develop the children’s Spanish. Highly recommended!“
(R Deane)

“Hope loves learning Spanish. She is in her third term of attending Buenos Dias classes at St Paul’s School. She always looks forward to the club. Attending Buenos Dias supports her learning of Spanish in the school curriculum.”
(Karma O)

“We have just returned from a week in Spain where (my son) Eliot was openly chatting with Spanish kids – very impressed!”
(S Jenks)

“Buenos Dias is great. The children really feel the benefit through songs and games. We’re very impressed!”
(Cbabiesafe Nurseries)

“I would say La Casita achieve their aims and goals on a daily basis. I am blessed to have found them as they follow the same principles that I have towards bringing my children up hence I have 100% confidence in them and absolute no hesitation in leaving my children with them. They provide a wonderful environment where my children are learning to play and become independent yet they still have a structure and boundaries which I believe are essential for my child’s development and happiness.“
(Margarita B)

“I asked Colombo what he thought of the classes & he said ”I love them, I really, really love them.” Then I asked him why & he said, “because we get a chocolate at the end of term.” He also loves the songs with actions & often sings them around the house.”
(Yasmin C)

“The interactive lessons and friendly teacher is a great way to learn Spanish, my child looks forward to going every week.”
(Hannah M)

“Isabella loves her Spanish classes with Buenos Dias. She particularly enjoyed learning her numbers, simple sentences and songs. Isabella has fun completing the termly activity books and at the end of every term she is disappointed that she has to wait for the following term to continue with her lessons. We are very grateful to Buenos Dias for giving Isabella the enthusiasm at 6 years old to learn a second language.“
(Louise A)

“The classes are great! Brilliant songs, captivating stories and lively fun for all the children…and adults!”
(Ruby’s mum)

“La Casita staff are always exceptionally friendly and meet the children’s comfort and educational needs equally, providing them with fun, interactive activities that interest and test them. Cooking, singing, dancing, going to the pet shop and naming all the animals, face painting, reading, introducing numbers, going to the park and the beach. La Casita provides everything that a larger nursery would, but because of the smaller numbers can act like a childminder and do certain things that large nurseries can’t – like taking the children out.“
(R Collings)

“Light hearted and fun for both babies and toddlers. Great selection of songs!”
(Anna G)

“Jamey is really enjoying her Spanish lessons at Shoreham Beach Primary. She has been with Buenos Dias for almost 2 years now and she is loving it. Jamey absolutely adores his teacher and she has already given my younger daughter Charlie the Spanish bug. Charlie now wants to learn Spanish also and is eager to go. We are so happy with Jamey’s progress and I would recommend Buenos Dias to any parent.“
(J Waterhouse)

“Jasper and I have been coming to Buenos Dias classes for the last 2 and a half years, and always enjoy the friendly environment. It is a fun class, with interesting people.“
(C Buckle)

“My son George and I really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and fun interactive music group, we are learning Spanish in a natural way, which is great.“
(F Cassin)

“Jake enjoys his days at la Casita and comes home happy which I feel proves that La Casita is achieving the targets that I feel are important So far I don’t think I could give any suggestions on improving the setting as he is happy, and his days are suited around what he enjoys – football and cars, and he does get the chance to join in with the other children which encourages him to try other things eg painting.“
(V King)

“The interactive lessons and friendly teacher is a great way to learn Spanish, my child looks forward to going every week.“
(Hannah M)

“Charlie absolutely loves his Spanish class.“
(Kate W)

“Leah thoroughly enjoys her Spanish classes at Brighton and Hove Junior School. She will often perform the songs she has learnt at home and it is clear that they always have an energetic and happy time. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!“
(Lola O)

“Great fun for both parents and children (and grannies!).”
(Christine S)

“Buenos Dias provides a wonderful opportunity for Joey to learn Spanish in a fun environment at such a young age. He says it is very good because one day he’d like to play football for Real Madrid!!”
(M Vance)

“Mia attends Buenos Dias after school club, she started when in reception and is still enjoying it. She says that the teachers are really helpful and make the lessons fun, and likes to tell us the new words that she has learnt during the lesson, and she comes home happy. She likes getting her certificate at the end of term, and shows us her work books.“
(Mia & Vicky)