Getting started

Why learn Spanish?

From helping you communicate while on holiday to becoming more culturally aware and expanding your brain power, there are dozens of great reasons for learning Spanish. It is also the official language in over 20 countries worldwide and spoken by over 400 million people – second only to English.

Closer to home in Brighton & Hove, St Paul’s CE Primary School is promoting itself as the country’s first Spanish-English bi-lingual school. And the Bi-Lingual Primary School Project (BLPSP), a government-funded free school, is set to open in September 2012.

What is the best age for my child to start learning a second language?

The earlier the better! Scientific research shows that children who are exposed to a second language at an early age not only achieve much better results in languages, but also in maths, science and music. It also helps build brain power and develop cognitive skills.
Need convincing? Read our article about the benefits of learning a language early, published in ABC magazine

What can I expect at my child’s first baby/toddler class?

We offer a welcoming environment where you and your child can join in and have fun with songs, puppets, games, plus the opportunity to meet other parents with similar interests. After settling in, your child will soon be participating in class and before long they’ll be happily talking and singing in Spanish!