Why choose Buenos Dias for your children's Spanish classes?

Our philosophy is “teach what we know and teach it well”. That’s why we exclusively offer specialised, high-quality Spanish classes for children of all ages and adults.

Buenos Dias started by a Spanish native in 2003 as a parent and toddler group where children could develop Spanish language skills in a fun environment. We have since grown to include classes at Nurseries, After School Clubs and Saturday Fun club, as well as La Casita Ofsted registered bi-lingual Spanish-English childcare. Every week, hundreds of happy children attend our fun Spanish classes across Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas. 

What is the ideal age for my child to start learning a second language?

The answer is easy…the earlier the better! There is scientific evidence that children who are exposed to a second language from an early age not only achieve much better results in languages, but also in maths, science and music, and in general helps build brain power and cognitive skills

Please read our article in the ABC magazine on ‘A Second Language improves Brain Power’

I do not speak Spanish. Can I attend Buenos Dias classes?

Of course! There is no pre requirement for any parent/child to understand or speak Spanish. Our fun time classes bring together children and parents of different nationalities to enjoy various activities and interact together.

Are the classes for bi-lingual families only?

No, the majority of children attending are not bi-lingual and our classes are open to all parents and children.

How do I book a Free Under 5's trial session?

Call, text or email us with your name, child’s name, preferred date, times and venue and we’ll confirm your taster session straghtaway.

What can I expect at my child's first baby/toddler class?

A welcoming environment where you and your child will have fun with songs, puppets, games and the opportunity to meet other parents with similar interests. Snacks and refreshments included at no extra charge.

Your child will gradually settle and start participating in class. Before long he/she will be happily talking and singing in Spanish!

How can I help my child to enjoy the under 5's classes?

We fully understand that keeping little ones sitting attentively can be difficult, especially during the first few classes. Here are some helpful tips:

– Bring a special toy, a “dummy” or anything that would help calm your child if they become restless.

– Please attend class on time. Late arrivals can distract and unsettle some children.

– Do encourage your child to take an active part in class, interacting and participating.

– Help your child with the answers until they feel confident to do it on their own.

– Children get distracted easily. Please set an example by not chatting with other mums or dads during class.

– Show an interest yourself. Your child is more likely to enjoy the sessions if you are enjoying them too.

– Practice Spanish with your child in everyday situations (at the supermarket, on the street, counting….)

How can I help my child with Spanish at home?

Practice makes perfect!

For 6 months- 2 ½ years : Song booklet is included in welcome pack in English/Spanish.

For 2 ½ y to 5 years: Each term, parents are given activity sheets including song lyrics that complement our weekly Spanish classes. Parents can practice these with their children and also participate actively in classes to ensure maximum funtime. Buenos Dias also sells a wide range of suitable books, music and CD ROMS that further complements our classes and promotes learning.

How do I book a viewing/space for my child at La Casita?

Call, text or email us with your name, child’s name, preferred date, times and venue and we can arrange a viewing at a convenient date/time. We can discuss your requirements and also answer any queries that you may have. To book a place at La Casita please complete the pre booking form and forward together with your deposit. A booking confirmation will follow to formalise agreement between both parties. 

Is La Casita just for Spanish speakers or bi-lingual families?

No, the majority of children attending are not bi-lingual and is open to children of any nationality.

Is La Casita part of Buenos Dias?

They are both separate companies but owned and managed by the same family. Buenos Dias started in 2003 and La Casita followed  in 2009 providing OFSTED registered bi-lingual Spanish-English childcare. We included La Casita under the Buenos Dias website to offer a complete range of classes and services to all age groups from six months to adults.

Supervision & Safety Guidelines for After School Clubs

Buenos Dias takes your child’s safety seriously. All our employees have enhanced CRB disclosure to meet Ofsted regulations, and supervision arrangements are in accordance with schools lettings policy and guidelines. In addition, we apply the following safety features:

– Reception & Year 1 children are collected from their classes by our own teachers. (Older children are expected to make their own way to class.)

– An attendance record is performed at the beginning of class. If anybody is missing then the school office is notified. Parents are advised to notify Buenos Dias in advance if their child is expected to miss class. At the end of class, children must be collected promptly by their parents.

Are After School classes for bi-lingual families only?

No. The majority of children attending are not bi-lingual and our classes are open to all  children regardless of ethnicity or background.

I'd like Buenos Dias Spanish Club at my child's School

Call, text or email us and we will approach the School Head to discuss the possibility of starting our club at your child’s school.

Why choose Buenos Dias for Adult Spanish classes?

There are several good reasons :

– Our classes are limited to 8 students ONLY (unlike some establishments where the intake could be up to 25 students).

– Smaller classes and relaxed friendly atmosphere provide a better environment for learning.

– Each class lasts for 1 hour 15 minutes in a continuous session without breaks. This allows for greater concentration and maximises learning.

– Emphasis on role play and conversation thus allowing students to practice and improve their oral Spanish.

– Our teachers are Spanish Native and experienced qualified tutors.

– Students can undertake a written assessment to determine the course most suitable to enrol.

– Our classes are held in West Hove, close to bus and train lines.

Why learn Spanish?

There are 1001 good reasons for learning a new language. But which one?  Did you know that Spanish is the second most widely spoken language after English and spoken by over 400 million worldwide? Think “Paella” and the UK’s most popular holiday destination…Spain!  Go further and there are 20 other countries worldwide where Spanish is the official language. It is simply the fastest growing and most popular language in the world right now.

In Brighton & Hove there is particular interest with St Paul’s CE Primary School promoting itself as the country’s first Spanish-English bi-lingual school. Also BLPSP, a Bi-lingual Spanish-English School, opening September 2012 after successfully winning approval and funding from the government.

Learning Aids

We sell a wide selection of Spanish books, music and interactive educational software. Please contact us for a brochure.

Do you accept credit and debit cards?

Not at present but we are looking to introduce credit/debit card payments in the near future. Currently we accept cash, cheque and Faster banking/BACS payments.